Hours is a two track, two hour, two CD project from Aaron Holm & Matthew Felton. An hour of piano and an hour of ambient electronic; the same hour expressed in two very different ways. Together and separately they mark time to create space and join with the listener. The first hour, Sacred Muse, is an interplay of ten themes that sound familiar, constantly changing in relationship to each other, moving through time, and filling the space in between. Two themes intertwine to create a third, the way two people in love can create a new form with life of its own. Hour two is titled My Beautiful Monsoon and is the story of the anticipation, powerful arrival, and annual surrender to the monsoon as it sweeps up the coast of southern India. It uses Sacred Muse as the tranquil surface and builds a storm surrounding and reimagining the piano. Aaron Holm recalls, “I was in Goa in 1999 as the monsoon came up the coast from Karnataka in the south. As the storm approached, I swam and felt the power of the ocean and of a storm hundreds of miles long that dominates life in the region for months. Time is drenched in water and there is no choice but to submit.“


“'Who says there is nothing new in music?"” - , Get it on Vinyl

“"The World is a Beautiful Place"” - Steve Newcastle, DreamWave Radio

“"These are some of my favorite ambient sounds"” - The Cross Pollinator, Cross Pollinator