Tracks and elements recorded over a number of years between 2000 and 2006. This period included moves from Toronto to Miami Beach and then to New York City. The field recordings used in these tracks were made on trips to India and Pakistan between 1999 and 2001. The feeling throughout this project was one of a cultural observer. A feeling that the music evokes in the listener. Someone standing unnoticed in and around, but on the outside of the moment. A witness to unfamiliar life.

Sounds from “Temple Music’ were recorded at the Vijaya Nagara complex outside Hampi, India. The different temple pillars created unique tones with which musicians would entertain in the ancient city. Vijaya Nagara was the second largest city in the world in 1500 AD.

Midday Bombay and Night Walk Goa were built on top of field recordings made walking through those respective locations. I later realized that the path I took on my walk through Bombay was taken years later by the terrorists who shot up the city for three days in 2008. On the Goa track, I’m walking back from the infamous Dipty’s Cafe when I get a surprise motorcycle lift from a Keralan guy who I’d met earlier that night. Early in the ride he told me about how fast he liked to go on the bike.

The background call to prayer in Pindi Azan was recorded in 2001 while recovering from food poisoning in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The fog of illness with the call to prayer arriving from minarets all over the city created a surreal scene.

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