Matthew Felton

Matthew Felton

Matthew A Felton – Bio Matthew Felton is a Seattle based composer, pianist, flautist, keyboards, producer, photographer, video cameraman and editor, software creator and author.

Matthew Felton originates from the south of England and now lives full time in Seattle with his wife and children. He started learning classical piano at the age of 11. Whilst memorizing Beethoven and Chopin he would often day dream and improvise at the piano based on the music in front of him. Although this made learning the music harder he found that he enjoyed the improvisation.

In the 1980’s he played keyboards in the Rock Band “57 Beans” which released a CD entitled “In the Can”, inspired by talking heads and minimalism.

In 1996 he recorded produced and released a CD of Piano solos entitled “Impression” or original compositions followed a year later 1997 by “Reflection” again of original piano music. These were recording on the Steinway B in his Silent Night Studio in Issaquah WA. These have influences in Bill Evans, Chopin, George Winston and Keith Jarrett.

During the 1990s Felton was involved with fringe theater in Seattle composing and producing incidental music for theatre. He also studied a film scoring with Hummie Mann at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. He also studied writing movie scripts at The Film School in Seattle.

Pianist and composer Matthew Felton’s impressionistic piano music crosses boundaries between genre’s from new age to improvisation to lyrical jazz. Deceptively simple with finesse and depth it can hold your attention and sooth your soul or just be great music to have on in the background at a dinner party. Felton has always be enthralled by minimalism in music and his own works are deceptively simple. His goal is to say what he is feeling with the fewest notes possible whilst deeply engaging the listener with the emotions and meaning of the piece. The challenge and danger of minimalism is that the music may become uninteresting or insipid. A few years ago he had the good fortune to meet and have a short lesson from George Winston.

Musical Influences include:- Chopin, Keith Jarett, Beethoven, George Winston, Yanni, Vangelis, McCartney, Beatles, John Adams, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Bill Evans.

He has broad musical taste from classical music to punk – the only definite thread between his choices of music to listen to is the “energy”

He is the founder of a production company called ButterflyProduction which owns and operates a small music studio in Seattle and worked with the late producer Al Swanson.

As a producer he is currently producing a debut rock / metal album for the Seattle based band Matte Shine. Previous projects include classical pianist Mark Salman, Odeon String, Simple Measures which feature musicians from Seattle Symphony, Stanko Milov’s “Heartfelt” album of Piano Solos.

As a photographer Felton has won awards at international juried photographic exhibits, including The London Salon of Photography 2011 Medal Winner and is an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society. His photography covers a broad range of subjects including studio portraiture, wildlife, landscapes, dancers in motion. He had had solo exhibits at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, The Light Box – UK, The Fetherston Gallery Seattle, with photographs from Antarctica “Life on Ice” and also feature images of Polar Bears. He has travelled far and wide, Africa, Europe, Asia, Iceland, the Arctic and the Antarctica and recently photographed Kumbh Mela 2013 in India the largest peaceful gatherings in the world that attracted an estimated 100 million people during the 55 days of the festival. He was a co-lead photographer for the Seeds of Compassion where he photographed His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Dave Matthews etc.

He has served on various boards including Children’s Hospital Seattle Foundation Board, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Simple Measures.

Prior to devoting his time to creative activities he had a successful career in the software industry as a developer and executive focusing on operating system software for a large computer manufacturer in the UK and a software company in Redmond WA. He continues to have a passion for technology and is writing mobile app in his spare time.

During the 1970’s and early 1980’s worked with a friend on the creation of “The Realizer” a very early sampling polyphonic synthesizers using micro processors and a waveform in RAM at a time when all other synths were monophonic and analog. A little ahead of its time Felton played in at live shows with the band 57 Beans.

Felton plays the 9’ Steinway D, Flute, Synthesizers. Felton has a B-Tech degree from Brunel University Uxbridge UK.